My Experience at Your Service


Expat’ResSources is a new concept in expatriation support: I put women “expat partner” at the heart of my program, by addressing the impacts of living abroad on their “soft side”.

I have created Expat’ResSources (with double S as it takes more than one resource to go through transitions!) with you in mind because I want to help, I love to help. It’s my purpose and mission in life to help.

I look at Expatriation (with a capital E because it is a philosophy of life) as a succession of transitions, which don’t end after the first 3 months you have moved to a new country.

I want to be here for you because I know that living abroad can be sometimes very challenging…

That sometimes you do not have the right person to talk to…

That sometimes, this image of perfection that expat life wants to promote is just unbearable…

That sometimes, you have to face this situation because this is “life” but there is no one who can truly understand you. I know I CAN!

Expat’ResSource offers a safe, fun and respectful environment to help women face the challenges of living abroad.

I often refer to myself as a buddy. The one and only one to be present, for the ups and downs, from the beginning of the journey until the end, until it starts again…