My Bunch of Beautiful Ladies


What do all of my expatriations have in common? WOMEN!

Women are so powerful when they are together. I have joined different groups of Women Associations in Asia and discovered the amazing vibe from so many different individuals achieving projects together,  empowering each other, supporting each other.

When I arrived in Buenos Aires, despite the offer of women associations I felt something was missing. For once in my expat life, I wanted to have a group of women getting together for only one reason: to be together and share about everything and anything.

I realised that most of the time, life is always about “having a plan”. It was time to have something “lighter”, and the only plans to be made were to book your agenda, cook one dish and join the group.

This is how “Bunch of Beautiful Ladies” was born, and I am very proud to say that today despite me living in Barcelona, the group is still alive, with even more members than when I left.

I am a believer in “feeling beautiful, being yourself and wearing a smile”.