22 years, 14 moves, 9 countries, 4 continents, 1 husband, 3 kids, 1 cat Fluffy, and 1 dog Kiwi. It’s me in numbers!

Hi, I’m Nadege. I left my country for my job, then left my job for my husband, and here I am, 19 years of being “the wife” of the active expat. Though I haven’t had a “paid job” for quite some time, I have done many things that I can be very proud of. Check my LinkedIn profile.

I am loving the expat life, but I am also very objective on how life abroad can be challenging, exciting, and draining.
Trying to feel home in a foreign country can be overwhelming with practical challenges, which sometimes prevent us from concentrating on what is important: our soft side.
And let’s be honest, nobody really seems to care how transitions affect on our emotional side: relocation packages focus on home search, school search and sometimes 1 day of cultural training. But is it truly what we need after a couple of months once the “honeymoon” phase is over?

Over the years I have created my list of what I call my “INGS”:

  • Adapting… changing… fitting in… trying… learning… sharing… grieving… crying… laughing… partying… hoping… fighting… organising running… shouting… nursing… worrying… motivating… And the list goes on.

As a facilitator, I will help you to balance your 4 areas of  life: Personal, Family, Social, and Work.